Pioneer Supply LLC

Pioneer Supply LLC has been a wholesaler of waterworks products in the state of Oklahoma since 1963.


We Proudly Offer and Provide the Following Brands:

Cla-Val Control Valves                           Crispin Valves                                

Diamond PVC Pipe                                Fast Fab                                         

Ford Brass, Clamps & Couplings            GPK PVC Fittings                          

Hammond Valve                                     Hydrant Repair Parts                      

JCM Industries                                       J-M Eagle                                      

Mueller Brass, Clamps & Couplings        NDS Meter Boxes                           

Neenah Castings                                     North American PVC Pipe             

Pipelife/Jet Stream PVC Pipe                  Power Seal Clamps                        

Raci Spacers                                           Reed Tools                                     

Sigma MJ & Flg Fittings & Restraints    SIP MJ & Flg Fittings & Restraints

Spears PVC Fittings                               US Pipe Ductile Iron Pipe              

Valmatic Air Valves                                Vinylplex Pipe                               

Watts Brass Valves                                  Wilkins Valves